Every bathroom renovation project starts with the homeowners vision for what they imagine their bathroom to look like. Many of you might already have ideas for the type of tiles you would like to use, and what type of vanity you would like to see in your space. Many would love to see that old tub thrown out and the beautiful custom tiled shower built-in. You can envision it so clearly but do not have the skills of putting it in a bathroom design yourself. Our company offers free consultation where we will sit down one-on-one with you to hear your vision, fill out our design style survey, and begin to put together a picture of what your bathroom will look like. You will be able browse the numerous types of tile we have to offer and see what best fit your style and the function of your bathroom. You will also be able to see our shower glass door options and some of the most unique vanities in this area. When meeting with our designer, we will block out time just for you with no distractions. The bathroom design will be complete within one week of our consultation.


3D Rendering

With information gathered from the consultation session, we will now be able to create a full 3-D rendering of your bathroom to bring your ideas to life! All the top options that we have inside our online store, we also have in our program. Will be able to show you how the tile will lay out on your floor and on your shower walls. We will be able to show you how the glass door will swing open and how the fixtures inside your bathroom will look. We offer you the option of editing the design until you are completely satisfied and unlike our competition, we give you the opportunity to change the style until you are satisfied. Having a 3-D rendering of your bathroom will help you visualize the whole process and the finished product without lifting a finger inside her current bathroom. Too many times we have heard stories from homeowners who would have the bathroom construction process start and tile beginning to go up, and it is not how the homeowner imagined or wanted. Changing tile in the middle of the construction process is not only costly but can set back the whole project in weeks. So most homeowners at that point just settle for something they are not in love with. It is shame to invest all that time and money into remodeling your bathroom and in the end being disappointed with the outcome.




We have many different tile options that we can offer to you as part of our bathroom design. We present you with our 3-D rendering and physical samples of the tile that we think will best fit your style and space. If you are not 100% in love with what we have come up with, we will continue to look at other tile options until you are happy. We work with one of the biggest tile distribution companies in the Northeast, where we can guarantee you would find the tile for you among their infinite tile options. We have many choices for floor tile, wall tile for your shower, and different accent pieces such as mosaics or glass tile strips. This way we can come up with a creative design that is unique to you and your bathroom alone.


We enjoy spending our weekends browsing through flea markets, antique stores, and barn sales looking for pieces that could be transformed into something unique, that can be statement inside a bathroom. We have transformed 100-year-old tables into one-of-a-kind vanities. If we don’t have something that you like, we are always able to reach out to our vendors who build custom vanities and find something special for you. We believe that a beautiful vanity can be one of the most important parts of the bathroom design process. Any vanity you see on our online store, are available to be put into your drawing to see how it looks in your bathroom.


Choosing the right sink for your vanity is just as important as any part of the project. You can have a surface mounted sink, a vessel sink, a wall-mounted sink, or even a pedestal sink. All can be made from hundreds of different types of materials. During our design process will be able to show you how the sink that you have picked out will look on your vanity including fixtures. The beautiful part about working with our company is that you do not have to purchase material first to see how it will look like in your bathroom. We will be able to see it first in your 3-D rendering.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are not only a functional and necessary piece to your bathroom renovation but may serve as a statement piece in your design. These days shower doors can come in many different sizes and different glass finishes. Also they can have some of the most beautiful trim that helps it function. Most of the bathrooms that we install shower doors in, play a crucial design element. Through our online store you will be able to browse through different types of shower doors and see how they will work in your bathroom design.


If you are looking for a country or rustic bathroom design, you will undoubtedly will need to include some kind of carpentry work. From wainscoting to barn doors to exposed beams and floor trim, carpentry is a crucial part of your design. We will be able to find and play around with different finishes that will best suit your vision. Wood accents offer a bit of comfort and warmth to a bathroom that will break up the cold tile look.


Lastly the whole bathroom design comes together with the great paint job. We will make sure that your painted walls do not clash with the tile that we have installed but only enhance their look. We will also make sure that all of the trim carpentry work has been properly painted or stained to bring out the look you had envision from the start. It is important to choose the right type of paint for your project, so that it is durable and will last for you to enjoy your bathroom for years to come.