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When doing any home improvement projects is important to know where you’re going to get your materials are you going to get you finishes for the project. When you’re doing framing or carpentry you need to make sure that you have a good lumberyard where you get all your materials. When you’re doing painting in your house need to make sure that you have a great paint store that you use and that has high quality paints. When you’re doing your bathroom remodel you to make sure that you have a great tile store Lakes region NH In your area that you can turn to for advice and for high-quality samples of tile. Our store works a little differently, we do not have a physical place that you can visit but we have one online. You can go online on our website and look at the thousands of different options of tile that we have and we can put those tile options into your 3-D rendering drawing you can see how it would look Inside your room. Our tile store lease region NH also provides full renovation of your bathroom from design to build out.

When you visit our tile store Lakes region NH You will have to approach a little bit differently than any other tile store that you have ever worked with. We have been able to change things up based on the request from our previous customers on how they would want to work with companies in the future. Most of our clients have full-time jobs and work from morning till tonight and they do not have time to visit style stores and different supply houses to figure out exactly what the one inside the bathroom. For that reason we have been able to upload all of the different tile samples that we have and can get access to to our website where people can now see different types of tiles and request samples. Something different that our company does is that we also provide 3-D rendering services will be able to take the tile from the website and show you exactly how it would look inside your bathroom. There are many advantages to that such is the ability to change up your drawing without needing to go back to the tile store and find different tile samples.

The reason we have designed our tile store Lakes region NH this way is that we have one focus and one focus only wishes to do bathroom remodels. We have been one of the best companies in this area at remodeling bathrooms and doing bathroom design. We believe that if we can focus on one thing we can be the best that. This feels the ability to listen to our customers and really tends to their needs in terms of what they actually want out of a company that is doing their bathroom remodel. We have been able to set up connections with some of the top bathroom finishing companies that would provide the tile and other finishes for your bathroom. When my family has relocated from New York area we have decided that this was the way that we wanted to structure our company and our life. She is our lead designer and I am our lead builder. Together were able to work on the projects and give our customers a one-stop shop for all their bathroom renovation needs. They’ve been able to come into the Tile store Lakes region NH for our free consultation and really see what we are about.

The way our tile store Lakes region NH works is a bit different from all the other stores they have ever worked with. We typically start off with free consultation where our designer will come out your house to meet with you to recommend your bathroom updates. They also will have you fill out a survey we can learn more about you and your style and taste that you’re going for. Then if you are happy with what you have seen you our designer can move forward and create a 3-D rendering of the bathroom. You guys will sit down and take a look at the website and look at all the different tile options that we have to offer. Will be able to upload all those tire options into your bathroom show you how it would look in real life. You then will figure out if you are happy with the design or would like to make any other changes with different tile options or different vanities. Our designer than will be able to talk to our team builder and we can find out if we can build this for you. We typically ask you to set aside a few days to help us create this at that point we take over the project. Our goal just be the best that we do to ensure that all of our clients are happy to feel like we have over delivered on our promise.

Our tile store Lakes region NH is as much a tile store as a bath renovation company. We focus on doing bathroom design and build out under one roof. This is been a great way for us to give our customers everything do they want in their bathroom renovation dealing with only one company. Our customers typically live in Boston area and do not have time to come up every single weekend to deal with subcontractors. We handle all of the subcontractors and check their work to make sure it has been done to our standards and that is been done on time. In New Hampshire is hard to find good subcontractors and is very time-consuming. Way too often we have heard stories about subcontractors not showing up to the job or taking 3 to 4 times longer than they had promised. We have built a network of contractors that we use with our tile store lakes region NH and we can depend on them to deliver their services on time and on budget. People have been raving about our design team and the help that we provide. Most of the communication is done over the phone and over email were we send you pictures of the updated bathroom layouts in different designs that we have come up with. You can then control right on the picture to tell us exactly the changes that you would like to do or just give us the green light to move forward with the project.

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