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When doing your bathroom renovation is important to have a good contact at your local Tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH. In the place using there are many different tile stores and what seems to be almost too perfect town. They all very and have different approaches to dealing with their clients and doing business. When our company started out we had a different view on how we wanted to approach our store. We believe that most assertions that happened these days happened online over the website. We do not think that there is a need to have somebody at the tiles store Lake Winnipesaukee NH For eight hours a day to wait for customers to come in. So we come up with an idea to make every single customer visits by appointment only. This way the homeowner can go on our website and schedule a free consultation with our designer and he can be either at the store Or at your house. This way will be able to give you undivided attention and focus only on your bathroom.

The way this would work is you would visit our website and see the different brands that our company works with and has partnered up with for distribution of title. You’ll also be able to see the different types of finishes that we have for our clients. We were also able to order the shower glass doors that can fit just about any space possible. Whenever works of you will also be able to see some of our more is unique items that you will not see anywhere else in that area. We like to find furniture and trance form it into something useful that can be highlighted inside your bathroom. Like old historic tables turned into the bathroom vanities. So once you have scheduled your free consultation you can either bring pictures and measurements of your bathroom to the appointment that the Tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH where you will be able to look at some of the samples. There we will come up with an simple 3-D drawing of your bathroom to show you how everything would lay out and how the different finishes will look once all installed.

Many people ask us why we want to do our business this way and why not just have somebody at the tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH full-time working the counter. In our answer is that we do not want to take away all of our time freedom that day. Also the overhead of doing business like that his immense. And lastly for the one client that will come in and more importantly we believe that the best advice that we can give would be by our designer. This way when our appointments are scheduled our designer can build their own schedule to be there every day for you for the specific hour. One of our biggest advantages over any other comp Titian that we have is that we offer free consultation. So the initial meeting where we go over the design and go over the ideas that you have for your bathroom is free. Other companies charge upwards of $500 for such service. We believe that if we were able to show us and make you happy on our initial meeting then there is absolutely no reason that you should not choose us to do the drawing and the project for you. Our tile store Lake Winnipesaukeei NH Is more of a modern outlook on business then some of these older stores that have been around for years.

People might ask is how are we able to show you thousands of different samples at the tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH. And our answer is that most of our samples are online. We are able to access thousands of different tile samples and tile designs online through other vendors that have massive warehouses. They have pictures of what the tile looks like an stalled and also they have SKUs that we can use in our design drawings and be able to show you exactly how that time would look inside your bathroom. We believe that this is more important to you then just bringing a small piece of tile back to your house and try to imagine how the whole shower would look based on that one piece. Many times people find that once everything is put together that’s not what they imagined that. The samples that we have at the store will be more of material samples and tile shape samples. We want you to see how the different materials vary in quality and durability. There are many different tile stores in the area and none of them carried every single thing that is offered online. So even the biggest tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH Does not have every single type of tile to offer you in terms of a sample.

Lastly the other difference between our tile store Lake Winnipesaukee NH Is that we take on the whole project from start to finish. Where other stores will only come into your house to install the tile in anything else that comes with doing the tile, we do the whole project. We will be the general contractor on the project dealing with everything from design to the actual buildout of the whole project. We will lineup subcontractors such as electricians and plumbers and carpenters and painters if needed. Our company charges a flat rate for the design and for management of the project. We have found that homeowners are more than happy to let us take over this so this way they can go to work and not have to worry about dealing with subcontractors in this area. We have found that it is very hard to line up subcontractors that are qualified and that are most importantly reliable. This is why you will find that many of these projects that homeowners do themselves take upwards of two months from start to finish. On a typical bathroom remodel we can guarantee that will take two weeks or less. If you have any questions and would like to talk to us in person please visit our website and schedule your free consultation we can come to the house and see what you’re building.

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