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When shopping for tile Lakes region NH you as the homeowner have many different stores that you can choose from. There are dozens of small family owned stores throughout the region but also there are a few large home-improvement stores that provide tile as well. It is important to know the difference between the services offered by each store and they are approach to dealing with homeowners. Most of your family owned shops will have a pretty good selection of different type of materials in different type of tile design, they will also might have a designer there who could help you with picking out the right material and tile for your job. The big box home-improvement stores that sell tile Lakes region NH will have a somewhat limited selection of tile due to everything else that they’re selling in the store. We have found that those stores will only sell the things that are most popular with homeowners at the current time. This becomes an issue when the design becomes somewhat limited by the options you are offered. Also they will not have a bathroom designer there.

When shopping for tile Lakes region NH we suggest you take a look at AHH designs store. Use the homeowner will find that we have a different approach to renovating bathrooms and working with the homeowners and their needs. We have a straightforward three-step approach to renovating bathrooms. Also one of the things that we do different than other stores that sell tile Lakes region NH is that our only focus is centered around bathroom renovation projects. You will not see us up selling you hardwood flooring, carpets, or aerial rugs. Our three-step approach consists of, free consultation, 3-D rendering, and project delivery. When you go to our website you will be able to sign-up for a free consultation where you sit down with our desire one-on-one and go through your vision and really figure out what you are trying to accomplish with the bath renovation. You will need to fill out a survey which will help us determine more of your style and work in a finishes you would like to see inside the bathroom. You will also be able to look at few options that we have in our shop and see how you feel about those. Before leaving you will be able to take home with you a 3-D layout of your bathroom. If you choose to continue with the process our designer then will create a 3-D rendering of your bathroom where you’ll see how the tile that you have picked out will look on the walls in the shower and on the floor in the bathroom. You’ll also be able to see how the vanities looks at the toilet is the right size. If you do not have any changes to the drawing will then go ahead and order our tile Lakes region NH and put you on our schedule. The third and final step is scheduling your project.

The way we look at the final step is different than any other contractor in this area that does tile Lakes region NH. One we will offer you a three-year warranty on our tile install and on the entire bathroom renovation. We have found that many contractors once they receive their final payment are never to be seen again and will want to pick up your phone call. And we all know how costly it gets once you start suing people so nobody typically gets there. For that reason we want to offer your warranty that way you feel at ease with what we have done to the bathroom. We also guarantee our completion date. When doing tile Lakes region NH we find that most contractors will take a deposit, demo your bathroom, and then start the grueling process of coming to work every other day and being there for only a few hours and dragging out the project. Most of them will have other projects going on the same time so this is again they will be playing all of the projects. What AHH designs does is much different than that. Once all the materials that we have ordered are in and we start the building process we guarantee you our completion date. For every day that we go over that dates we will then credit you money accordingly.

Everything that we do at AHH designs centered around homeowner feeling comfortable renovating their bathroom. Most of our homeowners are out-of-state and did not have time to invest into these bathroom renovations. It is hard for them to go from many different stores picking out tile Lakes region NH and then having to look for contractors outside of that. Then once they find contractors they have to stay on top of them to make sure that the project is moving forward and that it will eventually be completed. And then many times once the project is complete it is not complete to how they wanted it in the end the homeowner is upset. The beautiful thing about working with us is that when we send you our 3-D rendering you can take a look at it when at work let us know some of the changes that you would want to make on the drawing in our designer would have that turned around within 24 hours. So you can figure out the whole bathroom design and the whole could such a process at the comfort of your home and being away. Our goal is to make sure that the homeowner does not spend more than few days of being involved in this whole process. We know that you have your job to do and this is our job to do. Not only do we do design and tile Lakes region NH but will also make sure that the electrician and the plumber are there to do their part. We had built a network of subcontractors the work around us to complete these projects. But mostly we rely on our design our own team of professional builders to get this done.

If you have already started to look for tile Lakes region NH and feel overwhelmed with the whole process please feel free to reach out to us through our website. You can fill out a quick contact form and will call you soon as we receive that email. We can then go ahead and schedule your free consultation and started design process. Next we will design your beautiful bathroom and show you exactly how will look without even breaking one piece of demo. We will then build out the bathroom guaranteeing you our workmanship and our completion date. This pointer should be nothing stopping you from choosing AHH designs as you are bathroom renovation professional.

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