Bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH

AHH Designs is the top bathroom renovation contractor in the Lakes region. Our main focus is bathrooms and everything that goes in to finish them. Our three-step process makes it very easy for homeowners to proceed with the project. The first step of the process is to schedule your free consultation with our designer. They will come out to your house or you can stop by our shop and we can go through a survey to figure out what your style is and what thoughts you have for the bathroom. As this is happening our designer will be able to provide you with a 3-D rendering of all the materials and furniture that we are selling from our shop. Therefore you will not exactly what everything will look like before you have to pay for. Once the series filled out hour designer will put together a finished 3-D rendering model of your bathroom where we will include all the tile options and fixtures and vanities. Bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH has never been more simple and straightforward for the homeowner. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy and know exactly what is going on.

The next step in bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH is to present you the 3-D rendering, show you the proposal were breakdown all the costs and show you samples of the tile that we have picked out. From that point, you as a homeowner will have few options. Option one, you will love it and want to proceed with the drawing as is and we can get your schedule and start ordering the materials that we need. Option two, you are not 100% satisfied with how the drawing and the finished look and you will like to edit them and then we would come back with a New drawing. At AHH designs we are willing to do unlimited bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH number of drawings until you are hundred percent satisfied and feel comfortable to proceed with the project. We found that it takes much less time for us to update the drawings and move things around on the computer than it does in the field when we actually have to perform the work.

One thing that you will find about AHH designs when doing your bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH is that for every single bathroom that we do we like to provide something special that nobody else will have. That is why we go to all the flea markets available all the barn sales it would confine to look for unique items that we can repurpose and use again in different functions inside a bathroom. We try to find tabletops, old sewing machines, vanities and any other type of furniture that we can imagine holding the sink and looking great in your bathroom. We think that anybody can just go to a department store or online and order a great vanity, but it’s not that easy to repurpose and reimagine something this old. So not only will your bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH have some of the best tile work and design done it would also have a conversation piece that is 100 years old. When you schedule a meeting with our designer incoming tour shop you will find that we have one focus, bathroom renovation.

At AHH Designs store our goal is to be a one-stop shop for your bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH. We are not one of the stores that have linoleum, carpets and hardwood flooring that is then tried to upsell to you as a customer. When you come into our store will find fresh coffee brewed and our designer eagerly waiting to help you. Because we schedule your appointment you will be the only priority of anybody inside that store. Will be able to give you 100% attention and not be distracted by any other customers. You will have all run our time to come up with the design on the computer which you can reflect back to the samples that we have inside our store. As the computer design process taking place you are able to pick off samples and see what it actually looks like in real life and how the texture feels. Everything that we do the store is centered around the comfort and hassle-free environment for you as a homeowner.

It has never been easier for homeowners to go ahead with their bathroom renovation Wolfeboro that it is by choosing AHH designs. What’s your design has been finalized and you are happy with how it looks We will go ahead and put you on our schedule. One of the things that we focus on is the company is making sure that we are on time and on budget. There is never a worse feeling than having a beautiful bathroom in your house but knowing that you were screwed over by a contractor that through all the additional costs that you were not expecting. Yes, additional costs to happen during the course of the show auction but we find that many contractors omit them and purpose just to get their foot in the door and then throw them on to you. Everything that we can see from the surface and we can price out, we do. The only additional costs that might be associated with the project is anything that is going on behind the walls that we cannot see.

Bathroom renovation Wolfeboro NH is one consultation meeting away from being a reality. So go ahead and would visit our website schedule your free consultation. we are here for you and would love to be part of your new bathroom. We Look forward to seeing you at our shop and having a chance to sit down with you and find out more about you and things that you like to see inside your bathroom. You’ll find our atmosphere very laid-back and comforting for homeowners to let their guard down and really figure out what we can do about making the bathroom of your dreams come true. You can give us a call or send us an email to find out more information about our company and our three-step process.