Bathroom Remodel Wolfeboro NH

Bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is greatly important for homeowners that live in the Lakes region and in Carroll County. By updating your bathrooms use a homeowner will see great returns in the resale value. Bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH can be done in many different ways and on many different budgets. You can do a complete demolition of sheetrock and plumbing and electrical or you can do the cosmetic updates. If you are going to go with the demolition option you must be really careful about all the debris and dust throughout your home. It is very important to cover all the floors where you going to be walking and taking out all the old materials. Many times males or debris can fall on the ground and damaged the existing flooring that you have throughout the house. At AHH designs would make sure that all the floors covered and we can have protective shields on the floor as we move in and out of the house. Bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is not that they are a hard process if you know what you’re doing and you have comparable contractors working inside the house.

Bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH complete demolition of sheetrock and old bathroom. We AHH Designs would come in and rip out any of the floorings that you have there, be it linoleum, hardwood flooring or old tile we would remove it and dispose of it. Next, we would take down all of the old sheetrock due to the fact that it might have some water damage from years and years of being in use. When installing new sheetrock when it shouldn’t we use the proper materials such as water resistant and mold resistant board. In cases where you have a shower, you cannot install sheetrock. In those cases, you must use half-inch cement board. The benefit of using cement board inside the shower is that as some water does get through the grout it will be able to pass right through the cement board and dry out. Also, it gives a much better surface for the tile to adhere to and you’ll be safer that it will not fall off. Another practice that AHH designs uses over other contractors when doing a bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is that we seal all of our surfaces with a waterproofing membrane. This makes sure that there is no water getting through the walls and causing mold to build up. It is very important to use it inside the shower cavity and on your floor. Many times when you step out of the shower you have some water dripping off your body that that water goes right to the floor and causes damage to your ceiling downstairs. Simply tiling the floor does not prevent that from happening.

If you don’t have a large budget for a bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH you can also just update your finishes. What we mean by that is that you install a new vanity, without the shower install a new tiled shower, remove the old floor and install new tile on the floor. Although the total cost of a bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH does not change dramatically between the two options nevertheless you have them. When you think about renovating the bathroom as a homeowner you have to think about the resale value that it provides for the house. The first thing that potential buyers look at inside your home is your kitchens and bathrooms. You want to make sure that when buyers look into your house that your bathrooms leave a lasting moment for them to talk about on the way to.

Once all of the old flooring and showers or tubs have been ripped out we can now start putting the bathroom back together. Bathroom remodel Wolfeboro starts with us installing cement board on the floor and on the walls where water can be sprayed on. Other walls and ceiling will install sheetrock. Next your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH will have to coats of compound and one coat of waterproofing membrane. When applying the waterproofing membrane you typically use a brush to get into the all the corners and a roller for the larger surfaces. It is very similar to applying paint. At AHH designs look at stress enough how important it is to not bypass this step

Now that your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH has been put back together we can now start installing all the finishes such as tile, the vanities, toilets, shower doors in mirrors. The first thing that we install in your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is the floor tile. Once the floor tile has been installed we can then proceed to tile the shower on the floor inside the shower. Before we are finished with the tiling process we need to grout all of the seams. Our company helps you as a homeowner through the process of renovating the bathroom by providing you with a 3-D rendering of what the bathroom will look like before we even start. When you come into our store or schedule in-person consultation with our designer we will be able to listen to your needs and figure out the style that you are going for in your bathroom. We will show you what your bathroom will look like and what it will take financially to make it a reality.

At this point, your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is about to be finished. We finish all of the compound work on the sheetrock and give it two coats of paint on the ceiling in the walls. Next we install any trim that is needed to finish the project. Lastly, we install the toilet making sure that the wax ring makes a proper contact before and no water is leaking out. And lastly we install the vanity. The most important thing when installing the vanity is to make sure that it is level and is screwed to the studs in the wall.

At AHH designs we make sure that your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH is exactly what you had envisioned from the design process to the final product. Not only does upgrading your bathrooms add great value to your home and potentially resell value but it also allows you to enjoy your bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH much more. When you step into our store at AHH designs you know that our main goal is to provide bathroom renovation services. We do not try to sell you on renovating your kitchens updating to Windows or installing new hardware form filled the whole house. Our goal is to be the number one bathroom remodel Wolfeboro NH company in the Lakes region. You will find us having some of the most unique bathroom finishes that are not on the market today. We go from free market to free market, from barn sale to barn sale look for unique items that can be repurposed and used as decoration or functional pieces.