Bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH

A single house has two things in common anywhere that you live, it must have the kitchen and must have a bathroom. AHH Designs focus on providing the best bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH services in the Lakes region. We believe that we live in the area where customers have been on the delivered and contractors have been overextended. Too many times we hear stories, where customers are not satisfied with the work of the contractors, have done and that they are not 100% reliable with finishing the project in time. On the other hand, we hear contractors complain about having too much work and not knowing how to finish the projects and time. At AHH designs we are committed to over-delivering on our services by finishing the project on time and stick it to the price that we originally quoted you for. One of the main reasons we believe we can do this is by focusing on the things that we do best. Bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH this domain example of what we’re talking about.

Our main focus is to help homeowners bring their dream bathrooms to reality without the hassle and headache that comes with dealing with contractors to try to upsell you all the other services. The team that we have built is uniquely positioned to complete the projects on time and on budget. We come into our store and sit down with our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH you will be able to see exactly how your bathroom will look like before any type of payment has been committed. You will be able to pick and choose from all the different tile options that we have available in our store. You will see that we have many different ceramic tile options, porcelain tile options and many different mosaic tile options that will help you find everything that you need to complete your bathroom. Our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH will also show you all the different unique vanity options that we have in our store that do not exist anywhere else in the world. We specialize in reclaiming old furniture and turning them into something functional and beautiful.

AHH Designs have a three-step process that works. Homeowners have been telling us that the way we do business is comfortable, professional, and stress-free. The first step of our process is to schedule a free consultation and custom layout with our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH. You will come into our shop will we will dedicate unlimited time to designing your bathroom on our computer in providing you with this 3-D mockup of what place would look like. You will come in with the measurements of the bathroom and we will be able to quickly input those into our computer system and build the layouts that you have imagined all along. You will be able to see how much room you have inside the bathroom and figure out the dimensions of the toilet and vanity. Next, you will take a survey where our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH will learn more about you and what you like. The second step of our process is to provide you with 3-D rendering and proposal within the week of meeting with you guaranteed. In the 3-D rendering, we will input tile that we believe the best suits you, show you how the vanity and toilet will look and also give you an unlimited number of options to change anything you want. This is a way for you to change things up without having to cost any additional expense. You will also see on our proposal how much time and money it will take to complete your project.

The best part about scheduling your free consultation with our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH is that there is no pressure for you to commit on the spot or to choose the type of tile finishes you want right there and then. AHH Designs, is a small operation the folks is customer experience and satisfaction. We have been fortunate enough to be booked couple months out which means that we do not pressure you into giving us a deposit in starting your project right away. We give plenty of time for you to figure out all the details that you would love to see inside the bathroom and make sure that you are completely happy with the start. That our store we provide you with all the top choices of tile the can think in the Northeast. We work with some of the biggest distributors of tile that will no doubt help you find exactly what you need.

When thinking about what type of service we want to provide for customers we always think back of no pressure and work together with our customers. That is the main reason why we want you as a homeowner to schedule your consultation with our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH this way to give you 100% attention and give you the whole store to look at on your own without any judgment or pressure to buy anything that you see. If there are products in the store that we do not have we can order them or we can take a trip with you to our main distribution store where we have two floors of tile options that will take you few days to observe. When you come into our AHH design store we will greet you with a beverage of your choice and see you in a comfortable chair right alongside our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH we can feel comfortable expressing your thoughts. We have heard from our customers that they feel as if they are hanging out with their friends tried to brainstorm what they can do to make your bathroom come true. We believe that you will be happy with the results and that you will become our clients down the road. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our bathroom designer Wolfeboro NH please feel free to visit our website and send us a message with any questions that you have.