Bathroom Designer Meredith NH

If you are looking for a bathroom designer Meredith NH we recommend you going to our website and take a look at the work that we do. AHH Designs is a company that is focusing on one part of your home renovation only. Our main goal is to do bathroom renovations and just be really good at them and really over deliver on our services. We have a simple three step approach to doing our bathroom renovations that separates us from everybody else in this area. We have decided to focus our skills and our services on one part this way we can become the best in the area and be able to make our customers completely happy. There are many different things that we have to consider one coming up with bathroom design so having the experience and the rights subcontracted connections can go along way. We have been able to create a team of subcontractors that can take care of all of our plumbing needs and electrical needs as needed. At the moment our tile installation and finishing is done in-house by our own contractor team.

Our unique three-step approach doing bathroom renovations consists of free consultation, 3-D rendering, and the build out of the bathroom. Our bathroom designer Meredith NH Will come out to your house and meet with you in person to go over the bathroom that you’re considering renovating and secure out the ideas that you might have an offer ideas of their own. Will be able to take all the measurements that needed and also figure out the styles of the tile and different types of vanities that you like and be able to put them in the drawing. During this consultation is a great time to really express yourself and let our designer know the things that you like and the theme that you going with in your bathroom. They are many things to consider when doing in consultation such as the rest of the house. It is important that your bathroom although stands out also has to fit with the general idea of that house style. It is not recommended to have a modern upscale bathroom in the rustic mountaintop house. Those are some of the things that our designer will be able to advise you on and recommend.

When doing the 3-D drawing with our bathroom designer Meredith NH You will have an unlimited ability to make edits. We have access to thousands of different tile samples that we can use in our drawing and be able to show you exactly how it may look in your bathroom as a whole. This is why the advantages that we have over going to the tile store. Where able to show you how that sample of tile would look on that entire floor instead of just one piece of tile. We have found that when expanded out over the entire wall and with other tile next to it things tend to look differently. Our bathroom designer Meredith NH has experienced in doing 3-D rendering where they will be able to pull the whole drawing together and show it to you. At that point you will be able to make any changes that you would like and weekend changeup different finishes. You’ll also be able to see how the glass store will look in your drawing and the type of vanity that we are recommending. This is a great way for you to feel comfortable with what we are building without us having to lift a finger and do the demo.

The third part of our project is ordering all of the finishes and doing the buildout. We have found that ordering all the finishes and getting all of the materials on site before we start any work has been one of the most crucial parts of our project. Having everything where you needed allowed us to really streamline our process and be able to attorney bathrooms around matter of weeks. Some of the most time-consuming parts of bathroom renovations are oversights and change orders. That is why you will sit down with our bathroom designer Meredith NH And finalize the drawing. Once the drawing is finalized we will then schedule the build out. We tend to recommend customers to do a complete gut of the bathroom for the fact that such a small space and doesn’t take a lot to do. Gutting the whole bathroom will give you a new look and will eliminate any imperfections that might have been on old drywall or wood paneling. Once the bathroom was completely gutted where that able to update all your plumbing and all the electrical fixtures as they go. We have been able to line up a network of electricians and plumbers they work alongside us and can come out to the project on a short schedule.

When looking for a bathroom designer Meredith NH We note that it can be overwhelming and tedious. Bathroom designers tend to be expensive and overbooked with them our clients that have everyday. We have found out that people in this area will charge upwards of $500 per consultation. Our company offers that service for free because we believe that you will choose us to do your bathroom remodel in the end anyway. The way our companies based is we charge a 10% management fee which includes our design GC services. For you as a homeowner all you have to worry about this working together with our bathroom designer Meredith NH And coming up with the drawn. Once you are completely in love with the bathroom that we have designed will then just go ahead and take care of everything else from their. We know that you have a busy life and many things going on and you’re not able to take two weeks off to monitor the project. We will take care of getting all the subs in there to have the project on time and on budget. Many of our customers tend to be from outside of town and they love this part about our company. We really make it hasslefree and very transparent in the way that we approach our project. We hope you visit our website and reach out to us to schedule your free in-home consultation.