Bathroom design Lakes Region NH

AHH Designs is a bathroom renovation company that primarily works in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. We specialize in bathroom design Lakes region NH And helping homeowners turn their bathrooms into reality. We have created a straightforward three-step approach to doing our bathroom remodels. The first step is a free consultation where you meet with our designer and go through a survey where we will determine what your style and what your vision is for the bathrooms. We will also suggest typical bathroom layouts that we believe would work the best. The second part of our process is to create a full 3-D rendering of the bathroom you had envisioned. We will be able to include all of the vanity that you wanted, different tiles that you have picked out, that any carpentry work that we have talked. You also will be able to see the glass door and the tile pattern. Lastly, we will schedule the start date and the completion date of the project. The company prides itself on being on time and on the budget for every project that we do.

When my wife and I started this bathroom design lakes region NH business we made a conscious decision of focusing strictly on a bathroom remodel and nothing else. We believe that if we can focus on one part of the renovation and we become really good at it there will be no competition for us. We also enjoy the speed of the work and working with many homeowners at the same time. My wife enjoys doing the design that I enjoy doing the building of the project. There are too many contractors in this area that specialize in absolutely everything believed themselves to be experts in all renovation. With the amount of experience and the number of bathrooms that we do every single year, we have outpaced all the competition that we have to. Our bathroom design Lakes region NH Is unique to every homeowner due to the fact that we take time to steer you out and give you unlimited ability to edit the drawing. So use the homeowner will know exactly what the bath will look like before we even step foot in the door to do any construction. We have not found any other contractors in this area that offer both the design and the sharks and experience under one roof.

When you schedule your free consultation we will come to your house and take precise measurements of the bathroom to see how things could lay out. We can figure out if you want to keep the same bathroom layout and worker design around that or is for two changing up the whole layout. we will then take a look at the house to figure out what it would take to make the bathroom look like it belongs with the whole look of the house. Once that is done will work and you are creating a 3-D design where you will be able to see how everything lays out and how it looks. We have thousands of different tile options that you can choose from and we can use all of them in your drawing actually show you how it would look. If you want we can also show you samples of the tile so you can see the material for yourself. Next, after bathroom design Lakes region NH We will schedule the work and begin ordering all the necessary materials and finishes. We will not begin the project until we have all the materials and all the finishes there at the house. It is important when trying to stay on schedule to make sure that everything is there and ready to go.

When doing your bathroom design Lakes region NH there are Many countertop materials that one can consider. The most affordable wood laminate countertop. it’s an excellent choice for kids bathrooms and it has hundreds of different color options that you can choose from. Another could be wood. There is a great variety of the wood tones and figures and can be fabricated with ordinary carpentry tools making customized simple. We have seen many of these incorporated in our reclaimed vanities projects that we have done. It can also do a tile countertop where you will have many varieties of sizes and colors fit just about any design theme. It’s easy to customize and mixing different colors and sizes of tile making the well incorporated with tile backsplash. There are also recycled content materials that can be used which are visually interesting and available in wide range of colors. Recycled content is helpful when seeking green certification. There are also solid surface countertops that can be incorporated into your bathroom design Lakes region NH. Plenty of patterns and colors to choose from and easily integrate sink bowl is an option for a seamless is a clean installation.

There are a few more choices that we can talk about when thinking about your bathroom design Lakes region NH. We have seen stone composite countertops that are made out of courts and resin combinations which are nonporous and impervious to water. They are very hard and tend to be very durable and long-lasting. A countertop that can be easily customized cast into any shape is a concrete countertop. It is important to make sure that you have the appropriate cabinet to go with the concrete countertop deter the fact that it’s very heavy. Lastly, when doing your bathroom design lakes region NH You could use natural stone countertop. You will have lots of colors and patterns available in some kinds of stone are now sold in home improvement centers became more affordable. Most natural stone needs to be sealed in order to keep out stains. If there are more questions that you have free to reach out to us talk to our team about your design and we can help you. We find that it’s always best to schedule a free consultation and have a one-on-one meeting without designer or we can help you with the vision that you have.