Who we are.

We are a husband and wife duo that is focusing on building and designing bathrooms in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. We offer professional, reliable and affordable bathroom remodel services. We strive to bring your dream bathroom to life on your personal budget. Together we will come out to your free bathroom remodel consultation where we will figure out your style and measure the space. We will then provide you with 3-D rendering to bring your bathroom to life.

We are a young couple that works tirelessly to make sure that we do everything that we can to serve all of your needs. Before relocating to the Lakes region of New Hampshire we lived in the busy New York City and Connecticut area. There we have developed passion for construction and work ethic that you need to survive in such place. After our son was born we quickly realized that we wanted to provide him with childhood full of nature and outdoor adventure. We could not find a better location to live in than the Lakes region of New Hampshire. The life here is scheduled around hiking, kayaking, skiing and of course snow shoveling. We look forward to growing roots here and calling this place home.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of personal service while surprising our clients expectations of quality and finished product. We pride ourselves on communication and transparency because we believe that you deserve to know and understand exactly what’s going on in your bathroom. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop where you can find everything that you need to bring your dream bathroom to life. We will work alongside of you to make sure that your bathroom is special and is different than any other bathroom that we have ever built or that you have ever seen. With our experience in 3-D rendering we have the ability to try out different looks and play around with many different layouts of your bathroom. We are one of the only bathroom design companies that offers unlimited editing to our drawing in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. We do not believe it is fair to assume that you can know exactly what you want for your bathroom in the first try. Our main mission for the company is to provide you with friendly bathroom renovation services.


Our Focus

When starting our company we made a conscious decision to focus primarily on bathroom renovations in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. We believe that if we can focus on being the best at the thing that we do we will be able to provide our customers with the level of professionalism that they deserve. We will work as hard as we can to make sure that you understand every single step of the process that you feel comfortable putting your hard earned money into your bathroom renovation. With this in mind we have quickly become one of the most sought out companies in the area. We have been fortunate enough to find some of the best subcontractors to help us move the project along. We make sure that our subcontractors are qualified and have the right credentials to be doing the work that they are. We understand the importance of having a high character plumber and electrician in your home. Many of our clients entrust us with their homes while they are away in the city working hard.


Our Process

Our three-step process is designed to make you feel at ease when looking for a bathroom renovation company in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. While renovating the number of bathrooms we have quickly came up with a process that is centered around the homeowners needs. The first part of the process is a free consultation and 3-D bathroom layout with our designer. Once you have submitted your information on our website we will reach out to you within 24 hours and schedule our meeting. We will come out to your house to sit down with you and see her all the thoughts that you have on the project and try to figure out your style. We will then and there measure the bathroom and create a bathroom layout that you had envisioned. If you are happy with our initial consultation and choose to move forward with the project we will then provide you with a complete 3-D rendering of your bathroom and line by line cost breakdown of what it will take to make it a reality. We will also bring you samples of tile that we see best working in your bathroom. At that point if you are happy with what you see in you feel comfortable signing the contract to move forward we will schedule the work and begin ordering all the necessary materials. One of the things that separates us from any other contractor in the Lakes region of New Hampshire is that we will guarantee our project completion date. If we go over the promised date will begin to credit you money every day.


Our Store

One of the latest projects that we have been working on is building out our online store. We want to provide our customers with some of the most unique bathroom pieces that exist out there. Every weekend we go to free markets and try to find something that we can see working in a bathroom down the road. We look for 100-year-old tables that we can turn into one-of-a-kind vanities. We look for barn doors that we can install in your bathroom. We also provide a modest selection of tile that fits our design style and the style of people in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. We work with one of the biggest tile distribution centers in the Northeast so if our selection is not enough we can always fill your need. Our goal is to make sure that every bathroom we work on his memorable and unique in its own way. One day we’ll have a storefront where customers can schedule their free consultation and be able to browse through all that AHH designs has to offer.